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Whiteleg Shrimps Cultivation Can Make Bangladeshi Shrimp Industry More Flexible

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

By Fahmeeda Ahmed Raka

The Bangladeshi government eventually allowed the local farmers to cultivate whiteleg shrimps. Bangladesh majorly produces and exports black tiger shrimps which were going down 40% from $550 million by the year of 2013-14 according to a statistic If Export Promotion Bureau. It also stated that this industry is falling down 3% each year, which is nearly $97 million.

A study of ‘FAO’ showcased that the production of whiteleg shrimp can increase steadily from 8000 tons to 50 lakh tons in a short time. Its production rate is more than 80% of other shrimp production.

Now the government has given permission to a Chattogram based Agribusiness to produce these shrimps in Cox's Bazar under the observation of the ‘DoF’ and ‘BFRI’. They also allowed a private organization, ‘Shushilan’, to harvest these shrimps in Khulna.

‘DoF’ claimed that this is still an experimental basis program. If they have position feedback, they will extend the cycle. Because of the early rainfall and the pandemic situation the process has been delayed. So they are planning to start working in November.

Another study reveals that whiteleg shrimp represent 77% of the International market. On the other hand, black tiger shrimp represent only 12%. If this project becomes successful then Bangladesh can also compete with other countries like China, India, South Asia and some Latin American provinces in the global market.

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