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Upskilling: Business Made Easy

By Rakib Ur Raihan

Upskilling is the means of securing new and relevant skills that are required now and in the future. Digital skills, analytics skills, and organizational transformation skills are all common examples of upskilling endeavors. It is becoming a workplace concept that promotes lifelong learning by offering training and development opportunities that broaden an employee's talents and close skill gaps. Through this process of enhancing current employees' skill sets, generally via training, so that they may advance in their employment and pursue other roles and possibilities within the firm, business can expand and accelerate many folds. The concept is equally important for a manager or business initiators too. As technology provides new possibilities and employment positions in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to fill these new jobs with people who have the necessary specialized skills. Upskilling enables businesses to bridge the digital skills gap and fill available roles while retaining their current workforce and providing opportunity for employee development and growth.

Now, Imagine a platform that teaches you exactly what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how to accomplish it. This is for you, the business owner, and everyone in your company, through straightforward, easy-to-understand courses. You may assign modules to your workers depending on their responsibilities and how you wish to cross-functionally upskill them. That platform gives you the data you need to understand how your business function performs in isolation, as well as the impact of actions made in one function on the rest of the organization - functional cooperation. Furthermore, the diagnostics aid you in evaluating your business, highlighting areas where you should focus your attention, and assisting you in making the necessary improvements in your business through coaching recommendations and mentorship.

“Business Enabling Tool” or B.E.T in short, is exactly such a platform that is online, easy to use and offers upskilling opportunities for the whole team working under an organization. To know more about the platform visit B.E.T and to talk to someone or purchase the service contact MCFG, exclusive vendor in Bangladesh.

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