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24/7 accessible Business module

By Al-Amin

“You are on mute” is the most frequently uttered phrase utilized by business executives at the Covid-19 phase. Due to fast improvements in communications and information technology, we have seen a huge increase in the use of flexible working in recent years. People can now work from home on a regular basis while still being connected to their offices. For young professionals, flexible working has become the rule rather than the exception.

At the same time, companies’ also have a huge demand for flexible working, where businesses have to meet the 24/7 customer need for their services. The nature of work has altered dramatically as a result of the crisis and the transfer of commercialization, with fewer full-time jobs available and many businesses turning to part-time and temporary workers with flexible hours. And there are many ways in which workplace flexibility is beneficial to workers and companies.

“Three out of five persons who work flexibly put in extra hours as a result of being able to do so,” according to a Mother Pukka article. According to another study, "72 percent of companies claimed greater productivity as a direct outcome of flexible working." Workers who have more control over their schedules can ensure that they have enough time to fulfill professional obligations while still enjoying life outside of work. Employees gain from this since it makes them happier. Businesses profit from it because happy employees are more productive and loyal.

Remote employees, like their cubicle-dwelling counterparts, require computers and other equipment, but they do not require office space. This is a significant issue since the cost of commercial space continues to rise in some places. This allows organizations to expand their workforce without needing to expand their office space and to communicate with colleagues without requiring managerial participation.

To know more about how the 24/7 business modules give your organization sustainable growth visit the platform B.E.T and to talk to someone or purchase the service contact MCFG.

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