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Startup Ecosystem of Bangladesh-Current State and Future Prospect

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

By Tondra Roy

Startup business is a wide range source of contribution in the economy nowadays. It has built up an ecosystem with young entrepreneurs to create opportunities for showcasing their ideas, generating funds and finding the right partners for collaborations.

As for being the most entrepreneurial country, the USA ecosystem is the highest in the ranking of startup businesses now. A report on the ecosystem confirmed that Silicon Valley of California has taken the USA in the top position for startup businesses. This report also mentioned Germany in second position and the UK in third position. Then comes Israel, UAE, Poland, Spain etc. India was legged behind for many years but in recent years Bengaluru of India rose up three spots to be ranked 23rd in position.

Bangladesh is also moving ahead in startup business. It has so many possibilities to grow its ecosystem as there exists strong vitals like more than half is young people in the total population, huge population who are assets to grow startups. IDEA Project and Startup Bangladesh Limited is going for a new project. As a part of the project, they collected funds of 65 Million US Dollar. Their priority is to support technology. So, they are setting up 28+ Hi-Tech Parks and data centres.

A list of future prospects has been made to speed up the startup business. The list focuses more on spearheading the growth of Fintech, Agritech, Healthtech, Edutech, Deep tech and Analytics. Bangladeshi startups have raised funds of 125.7 million US Dollar over the last eight and a half months. It is hoped that With this rising funds, Bangladesh can develop the startup ecosystem even more.

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