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Importance Of Online Erp System In Bangladesh Business Ecosystem

By Raisa Taheen

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an application process that helps a business with high efficiency, visibility, control, productivity and integrates all the departments that automates business processes. In online, ERP is used based on how capable and able to develop with the requirements, funcalities and specific workflow. A company uses four types of structures for online platforms. ROI calculation determines which ERP is right and cost effective for which structure. The ERP system tracks the entire process of how many products have been ordered from a company, which products have arrived and how much the vendor has written in the cost of the invoice and eliminates all the problems that change multiple system processes.

Ecosystem of a smartphone like Product creation begins by targeting the user. Manufacturers of goods, in the second step. The third step is the service provider organization. The fourth step for the access provider. The fifth step is to create an application that helps the user to introduce a new system of work and the latest one is the brand. This is an example of an ecosystem in the business field. Usually the main purpose of a business is to create their brand image in the market very well, depending on the quality and quantity of their product. For this reason they have to calculate how much inventory they have or need to bring or how much is misused. There are also processes ranging from ordering a product to delivering it to its end user, all are calculated under this finance department. The ERP system simplifies those complexities and allows the user to access data quickly.

The pandemic changes the look of business from physical to online. The most common characteristics of the online ERP system that Bangladesh is using in business are the real-time operations of data, a single database that is available to use in every application system, easy installation with updated modules and making changes in a short span of time in administration. In Bangladesh business Ecosystem, an online ERP system is important to grow.

Business in Bangladesh needs a "Business Enabling Tool" or BET for more dynamic expansion which keeps the business growing in the span of sudden changes. For more additional information visit B. E. T and for assistance or purchase this service contact MCFG.

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