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Big Ideas for Small Business: Sources for Business Growth

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

By Tondra Roy

Small business trends are grabbing marketing options more than ever. With this growing rate of small businesses, youth is focusing on sustainability because the more competitive it gets, the more strategies it requires to sustain. Speaking of sustainability, new idea generation is what is needed the most.

Business is all about coping with changes. When changes come in unprecedented ways for small business, companies need to adapt with the environment and new customer demands. To keep up the growth a lot of new tools and apps are skyrocketed. Automations, social media management, customer relationship and analytics are easier with these apps and tools. Small businesses are becoming virtual as it is more flexible working remotely. Online training workshops, teaching, and courses are popular these days. It helps to grow business in a short time. Entrepreneurs can now come up with new business ideas because they can reach out to other countries and research what they are doing. The customer outlook is also changing about these small business products and services.

Bangladesh is not behind in this context. Local business communities are engaging proactively and providing platforms to other businesses for networking. The streamline city regulations and the inspection process are more utilized under government patronization. Small businesses have a web presence nowadays that is expanding the customer number on a global level. Support on crowdfunding and microlending can be better ideas for more growth. The advertising platforms are less focusing on newspapers, tv and more on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media. It's another progressive idea to pick up the best customers. Many organizations are recruiting online now. Social media users get circular in respective sources and apply which was hard before. Young people are more interested in jobs now because they get to know about jobs, successful stories, and guidelines. These young people are the major source of small business growth because they are hardworking, innovative and more connected with the current world.

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