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A New Horizon in Fisheries

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

By Rakib Ur Raihan

The traditional method of cultivating fish accompanies many shortcomings like time utilization, reliance on nature, destructive consequences for the climate, and insufficient supply of produce in respect of the huge demand. Back in March 2000, Yoram Avnimelech published his work, featuring another technique for fish farming. Because Avnimelech's research showed that fish cultivation was contaminating the climate. He called attention to the way of solving this problem in his article named, ' Active Suspension Ponds, a New Concept in Water Treatment.' That strategy was later transformed into Biofloc Technology (BFT).

Biofloc is the utilization of microorganisms (i.e: bacteria or protozoa), held together in a framework alongside a particulate natural substance (i.e: high carbon source such as sugar or caramel) to further develop water quality, waste management and disease reduction. A Tank, Air pumps, ph, salinity, TDS, DO, temperature meters, Ammonia & Nitrate test kit, Probiotic bacteria,Chitagur, raw salt, calcium carbonate are needed to set up a Biofloc project. This method uses only 3.3% of the water and land required by traditional fish farming methods, making it very sustainable. The fiscal matter produced by the fish is converted into protein rich food particles by the help of the microorganism (flocs) cultured in the tank thus reducing food cost and establishing a successful and sustainable bio-ecology in the tank.

Many of Asia's top shrimp enterprises are effectively moving to Biofloc fish farming, particularly in Bangladesh as it is feasible to produce multiple times more than customary farming methods or some other aquaculture systems. As Bangladesh has numerous lakes and usable water bodies, Fish cultivation using Biofloc technology can truly be productive, economical as well as environmentally sustainable and has gigantic potential here.

To fight unemployment and its effects on society, the young entrepreneurs of our nation have been attempting to farm fish utilizing BioFloc Technology. Analysts and specialists in this field must research more on this new technology at hand and give the youthful business visionaries a guideline to follow, so that entrepreneurs can achieve new heights using this wonderful farming method and be a part of a revolution in the fisheries sector.

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